Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed

Under the guidance of newly formed Beano Studios, Beano is embarking on the most ambitious, exciting change since the introduction of Dennis the Menace in 1951, with unprecedented investment in expansion and innovation across channels and markets. It incorporates a digital arm, the force behind the new and apps – packed with funny, rebellious, imaginative content made or curated by Beano. It’s a one-stop destination where kids can let their imagination run riot in a totally safe environment. The Studios also includes a Production arm which has just celebrated its first new TV commission – Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed . This is a 52×11 series in top quality CGI, which has been ordered by CBBC for late 2017. The new show is a laugh out loud, high octane ride through the larger than life world that is Beanotown. It places Dennis as our hero, surrounded by his friends, solving (and often inadvertently creating!) adventures full of action, humour and true Beano spirit.

Beano studios are now looking to agree a publishing licence for the Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed franchise. The licence will cover all formats for children, including storybooks, colouring, activity and sticker books, novelty and gift books.