Giles Hargreaves

Giles was born in 1966, the youngest son of the best-selling author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves. He attended West Surrey College of Art and then spent a few years working for a design company and also a spell working at various animation companies, including Hanna Barbera in Australia.

Returning to London, Giles worked as an advertising copywriter and group head for a number of agencies, mainly focusing on producing TV commercials.  Fed up with commuting and advertising and aware of the risk of having a heart attack over a packet of “CoCo Pops” he decided to change his career and the pace of his life.

He now lives in Thailand with his wife and two children, aged 5 and 11. He spends his time writing and illustrating. His first picture book, Douglas, was published in 2011 – and many more stories are on the way….