Business Consultant

David has huge experience in the publishing industry, and has brought his insight to bear across a wide range of consultancy projects for a number of clients. Here is a sample of recent projects:

  • Pitching and acquisition – managing pitch and contract negotiation for IP buy-out
  • Common core programme – a major study across multiple countries to assess the viability of standardised publishing programmes.
  • Licensing overview – an overview of the UK licensing and the character book market – how it works, major trends and opportunities, what to avoid, how to buy.
  • Best practice – a multi-territory project designed to identify and share best practice around publishing, portfolio-building, sign off and stock control.
  • Portfolio gaps and opportunities – helping publishing client identify and fill major gaps in their portfolio – £2-3m upside identified.
  • Global v local – helping international client understand the relationship between global and local revenue versus cost in their business.
  • Process review – major study of processes across client’s business, including meetings, reports, decision-making and review points.
  • Efficiency review of client’s product pipeline from creative through manufacturing and distribution. Major operational efficiencies identified.
  • Contract review – assisting client in improving its licensing contracts.
  • Publishing contract support and advice for children’s IP owner.


With a wide range of contacts across the publishing and licensing landscape, David provides agency support for a number of children’s and adult brands.

  • cinderella
  • goldilocks
  • aladdin
  • hare and tortoise
  • midas

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